Damage on game effect

So I'm doing a app where you can take damage and I want to do when you take damage then some effect. And I want to do the shake effect so when you take damage the screen shake. If it's not possible then tell me more ideas to the effect when you take damage

as a minimum, you can use the "sound" blocks, with the "vibrate" effect.
For example, if you want to "shake" the screen (or, let's say, a part of it) , you can trigger a clock that rotates suddenly and very fast a canvas or a sprite, or an image contained in a section of the screen.
You can overlap multiple images and screens by making them visible/unvisible or by using fade effects with @shreyash "Phase" extension.


With the same extension called Phase, you can also put the components of your app in a container and shake the components using the shake animation.



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