CustomWebViewer goback only working first app launch

Help! I'm trying to make the back gesture on my phone make the webviewer go back, it works the first time i open the app, if i open the app again it doesn't work anymore, it just closes the app. Anybody knows how to fix this?


can you show us your relevant blocks?


My guess is the browsing history is lost if you restart the app.

Hmm... Is there a way to fix that?

Always check if webview can go back or not.

Hey, thanks for the answer, i've already tried that, now i will once again try it, but nothing changed. I'll update you soon.

As i already experienced, nothing changed with this configuration.

. It works the first time, but as soon as the app is closed and opened again it doesn't work.

What did you mean by 'App is closed and Opened again' ?

Anyways, if-else condition clearly says that if webview can go back then it will, otherwise screen will be closed.

by 'App is closed and Opened again' ? i mean: I download the app from the qrcode, i open it, it works. I close it from the devices tab manager, i open it once again, it doesnt work anymore.

Show a screen recording.

Soooo, while i was recording a video to reply to you i was forced to use an old version of the app to try and show you because in my app i got a google login session that i cannot record, i just added the same exact blocks and now it works. I do not know what was causing the issue but now it's solved. Thanks for trying to help on this issue anyways. I'll have many other questions later :wink: .