CustomWebView and TinyDB

I am developing an app that use CustomWebView to show streaming video, in the TinyDB I save the streaming URL for future use. Everything works fine if I don't use TinyDB, when I save the url, next time I open the app the streaming video show only 3-4 frames and the audio continues to play. If I delete the app data on android settings, the streaming start play correctly but obviously I lose all the url saved.
Do You have any idea for this strange behavior?
Thank You
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You may need to "clear" something: cookies / cache / other ? in the webview ?

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Thank You for your tip, I already tried to add clear cache and clear cookies but the problem remain, or better sometimes yes sometimes no, I try to explain, I install the apk and I have the problem, I uninstall and try again and can be that everytihng works fine, very difficult to understand for me.