CustomWebView : An extended form of Web Viewer

see the answers here

I do not know, it the custom webview extension is able to do it?


This permission is requested and need to be granted in the same way as mic and camera access in WebView.

The logic for granting permissions in WebView is quite simple. You only have to grant permission only when asked.
You can search in the community and I am sure you can find some relevant examples.

Hello! I have tried granting that permission when asked and it's not working. It may be something my end? Could I see how to grant this specific permission when asked? Again it could be something that I am doing wrong. :slightly_smiling_face:

Please show what have you tried.

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Hello. The link you posted in the reply, I followed that and it works now! Thank you! :+1: :+1:

(* Load local files and content using Html and Js ) this feature is not working im trying to upload image using html input file tag but the file picker is not appearing , is there any solution can be done ??
notice im using customwebview Version 11

Hey, could you please tell me how to get the "to be downloaded" file's name ?

Hello, first of all This is AWASOME WORK! Good job
I am using a this to watch videos. I've got 2 questions.

  1. Is it possible to arrange "double click on Vertical Arrangement" to make full size video?

    This is a screenshot from my phone, as you can see player options are too small for touch. I want to arrange (if possible) double click to make full size, one click to stop-play video and trible click to pass 10 second forward or back. Can you show me how?

  2. Is it possible to make player options bigger?
    Thanks in advance.

Zooming the page in should enlarge the UI:

As for the rest, I do not have any answers.

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Thanks, but I am looking for something more efficient. I cannot arrange zoom rate for every page.

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Fair enough.
I believe setting this property to true should show two buttons; one to zoom in, and the other to zoom out:

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Yes it is, the problem is zoom buttons overlap player buttons :slight_smile:
A double click - full screen combination would solve lots of my problems:)

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Ah. In that case, you were right all along. Unfortunately, I don't think I'll be able to help you. You may want to wait until the extension developer reponds.

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Hi @vknow360,
I was just wondering how to fix this problem/bug. I am displaying a HTML table linked with Google Sheets. And it is displaying but very small. How can I fix this?
This are my blocks:

This is how it is displaying:

Thank you so much,

I am so sorry but I am desperate :slightly_frowning_face:! @vknow360 or anyone else, I would really appreciate any help regarding the above issue.
thank you so much

Try this


Timer set to 500.

Or use the built-in webviewer.

Or use google table charts.

A combination of UseWideViewPort and LoadWithOverviewMode property should do the job.

Hello, do you have any advice for this post

Thank you so much @TIMAI2 !!!!!!
Its working!!
Thank youu

Hi @vknow360,
Thank you so much for your solution too!
I am really grateful for your extension. I have used it in a number of places in my app!
Thank you!!!