Custom Redis server, weird behaviour


I would like to create a shared database between an AppInventor app and a Python application. Then, I could populate that database from the Python application and I could see that information in the AppInventor app.

Therefore, I have used a "RedisLab" custom server to create a Redis server to use with the clouddb object in AppInventor.

I have used the free Redis server, that has no SSL encryption, something I don't mind.

What I have achieved.

  • I have created a Python application that can save and read information from that Redis server.
  • And I have created an AppInventor app that can save and read information from that Redis server.

What I am not able to understand why is not working.

  • When I create a tag/value pair in the Python application, I can't see it in the AppInventor app and viceversa, that is, the tag/value pairs created in the AppInventor app can't be seen in the Python application.
  • The GetTagList method in AppInventor app doesn't work using my custom Redis server, since it never retrieves any value.


  • For any reason, even though I am using the same Redis database between two applications, the data those apps create aren't shared.
  • The GetTagList method in AppInventor app doesn't work in a custom Redis server.

Any help?

I can provide the examples I'm working with to those who help me.

Compare the "strings" in the keys created when a tag:value pair is created by your python app and by your app Inventor app (using the cloudDB component). Use the redis cli to look at these keys. Are they the same format and in the same "block" ?

for example a tag:value pair (key = names) created on my own redis server from App Inventor component blocks looks like this:> GET remote
"\"hello timai2\""

whereas if i set a key:value pair directly on the redis cli, then I get:> GET local
"goodbye timai2"

The escapes \" may be the issue...

Thanks very much!!!

I have installed redis-cli on my computer, and I just executed "keys *" to see all the keys in my server and this is what I found:

  1. Croatia
  2. Bahamas
  3. CDBTest:names
  4. CDBTest:Croatia
  5. CDBTest:Spain

AppInventor is adding a prefix in all the entries!!!!!

However, GetTagList method does not work yet.

It appears you have set your ProjectID in App Inventor to CDBTest.

GetTagList should be returning:

(names Croatia Spain)

if you set the return value to a label