Currency data entry

Good day all. I am completing a small unit price calculator, virtually complete but am wondering what is the easiest form of currency data entry for users who may not be math inclined. That is, should the dollars and cents be in separate fields, or in a common field in which the user is expected to enter the decimal point in front of the cents figure. There is no problem if the input is a figure that always has dollars (or pounds etc) AND cents, but if ONLY cents, is it appropriate to expect the user to know to input the decimal point in front of the cents figure? Programming either way is no problem. I am trying to minimise basic instructions, though a full set are available. Is there an international standard or convention?
Eddie B

In most of the web sites I have seen for voluntary charitable contributions or tax form completion, I have seen a single numeric input field, capable of receiving digits and decimal point(s), with post-processing to add or correct the proper number of cents, if omitted or excess digits supplied.

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Yes, thanks for that, as I suspected and have, indeed found for myself, but was still wondering if it is the right way to go. I will just have the one field, with a note above for users to ensure they include a decimal point, even, indeed, especially if the sum is less than one Dollar, Pound or Euro.
Eddie B