CURL to Inventor

Hello again and a sunny good day :wink:

yes, I'm still working on this dropbox thing. But I think, the question is not just dropbox related. Instead the global question is:

when I read on Dropbox API Explorer
a CURL description like this:

curl -X POST
--header 'Authorization: Basic <APP_KEY>:<APP_SECRET>'
--header 'Content-Type: application/json'
--data '{"oauth1_token":"","oauth1_token_secret":""}'

and I want to translate this in a web.RequestHeaders block:

I get an 404-Error.
Please, what am I doing wrong?
Thx and regards.

I see a lot of trailing blanks.


Thx, I double checked, but it just looks like. There aren't any. :man_shrugging:

The data must be sent with PostText.

You have to send a POST request together with your data instead of a GET request
Don't forget to send your oauth Token and secret... currently it is empty
Also in the request Header after BASIC there must be a space


Thx. As far as I understand: token and token_secret must be empty, because I get them as answer.
What text do I have to post with PostText?

Here is the http POST request:

POST /2/auth/token/from_oauth1
User-Agent: api-explorer-client
Authorization: Basic <APP_KEY>:<APP_SECRET>
Content-Type: application/json

    "oauth1_token": "",
    "oauth1_token_secret": ""

You can build the json using dictionary blocks, test it to check it is the same, and use the PostText block.