Curiosity what changes between webview and customwebview

I ask because I think there is something that changes at the JavaScript level, a URL on the standard webview opens it for me, but if I insert it on the customwebview it doesn't open it? I set enablejs to true but still it doesn't open the link.

Show your relevant blocks, and an example of an html file / url that displays this behaviour...

It's just a curiosity I was wondering if there is a difference here and if to activate JavaScript i only need the block set enablejs true


I am curious as to which blocks you are using to open the url with CustomWebview.

You asked the question, I cannot hope to provide an answer if you do not show what you are doing.

Try moving the EnableJS block above the GoToUrl block. If that doesn't work, then move it above the SetWebView block and test again.

Ok i try thanks

but my question is because if I insert the link in the webview it opens it without problem, if instead I use customwebview it doesn't open the page

Now the choice page opens for me so the JavaScript is enabled only that if I click on the page to start streaming it doesn't go, instead on webview it goes, as if everything was already enabled by default

Hello Luigi

Try setting the GoToUrl outside of Screen Initialize:


Thanks for the answer dear, but currently it opens the screen where I need JavaScript enabled, it just doesn't give me the possibility to click on the event and start the streaming as if permissions were missing, which however on the standard webview nothing needs to be enabled and everything works by default

Then why not just use the webviewer ?

sure but first of all it was out of curiosity and then because I would like to block pop up advertisers.

Did you try the code Luigi? Other Users have used this technique successfully when something did not load or did not load correctly in the Screen initialize Block.

Yes i tried