Csv to tinywebdb multivalue tag htm format

I have a large multirow multicolumn csv file. Trying to use this for a tinywebdb using a PHP server on a free host site. So i need to convert this into a htm file. We can have only one value for a tag, the values under that tag needs to be converted to a list. Is there a tool to do this conversion(CSV to multivalue tag htm)? Thanks.

Converting a csv to a list is easy enough:

  • Use the file component to read the csv
  • when you have got the text set this to a list variable using the list from csv table block
  • then you can set this list as a value under a tag in your tinyWebDB

I don't understand what you mean by converting to htm/html

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the php server stores the db as a htm file in tag/value format. I want to directly upload the db onto the host site

This shouldn't impact on what you are trying to do, this is just the data storage medium for the custom tinywebdb you have chosen to use (others use a text file)

I plan to convert the csv to a htm file and upload directly to the host site so that users can inquire this db. Sure a txt file will do, just want to convert the format. I can do it manually. Thanks a lot anyway