CSV text has multiple rows

I am getting the following message:

multiple rows (2)

I understand the message, but what can I do in the app to test the text for multiple rows before attempting "list from csv row"?

The text is being read from USB serial and is expected to be a single line. The text is coming from a GPS module and if read by a USB terminal app is simply a continuous stream of lines. Here is a sample (the green text is the serial data). My app must be reading more than one line and sending that to the "list from csv row".

serial text

Possibly test like this?

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What is output might be a csv table. A guess to solve you issue might be to use the list from csv table Block instead of the list from csv row Block.

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Thanks to both of you. I'll see what I can do with your suggestions.

If csv conversion blocks fail, you could instead use the
split at \n block to get a list of lines, then
use the split at ',' block on each line to get lists of items from each line.