CSV Listview filter

Hello friends!

I have a list created from a google sheats CSV.

I would like to filter this list if column C has the value of the label.

How to make?

I don't want to use filter bar, as the filter will be the login that will be in the label, as the user should only view the information referring to his login.

You look like you are on the right track.

When creating your new list, only add those items that match with Column C label.

Move your set Listview1.Elements block into the format procedure at the end, otherwise it may not contain any of the elements


for a value procedure you can use for your filtering.

The three level sandwich

  • value procedure
  • value local variable(s)
  • do - result

lets you avoid using a global variable to return a result.

Dear friends.

blocks (2)

I managed to get the first result with the list filter, where a list is displayed only with items from index 3 that contain the same text as the label. But, when I select one of the deleted items and try to transfer to another screen, the data doesn't transfer. It doesn't seem to identify the same index to transfer to a new screen. regardless of the selected list item, the transferred data is the 1st item in the global table.

With this structure, how can I transfer the selected item data exactly to the next screen?

How can I adjust the code for this to work?!2