Csv - list - search

Can anyone give an example?
I have a csv file. It has about 272 dishes. Each row has 7 columns. I want to search by column 2 or 3 ... or 6. How do I create a list of rows to do a search? The column separator is pipe | .
I am adding PrtScr from the introduction csv.


Where is this csv stored? In assets or ..? You can cteate a global variable to list from csv table text and then if you want to search a specific column you can use select list item list block using as index the row that you need for example 2 or 3 or 6 and look if the text that you need is in that list


The csv file is stored in assets ... //...csv
But it is not necessary to fill in the list in a special way, so that I can find out the first column, where the line number is, according to the 2-6 column, as I then need to display the whole line on the screen?

In order to create a search fuction it is better to use Textbox extension by PuraVida Apps then

on text changes try something like this, first get column 2 and then I if text is in column's 2 list

Calling a file a csv file does not make it a csv file, if it does not separate its columns with Commas.

Export your .aia file and upload it here.

Well thank you.