CSV list look up

I have a csv file with 2 columns and about 200 rows. I am looking at a way to choose (or list pick) the word from column A and it displays (in a label) the corresponding information from column B (as an example I listpicker "Boat" and I get a display "floating vessel").
I'm sure this must be easy, but as I am still learning I am finding it difficult. I have no code at this stage.
Thanks in advanced

Something like this:

The Lookup In Pairs block is good to know.

It's in the list blocks section.

Yes :slight_smile:


another way is to convert list of pairs to Dictionary and get list of keys.

Thanks for this.
I have added all 189 items to initialize global myCSV to list from csv tablet join. and it works well. It took me a few days to create the list, but I finally got it.
I was not able to use the Lookup in Pairs for some unknown reason so I left it.

Does it pass the AI2 Build process?

That much data is unwieldy in the Blocks Editor.
Text Media folder files are the usual route for that volume.