.csv file submission to google drive

Sorry if this question has been posted again but I can't find an answer, since I'm not an expertise appinventor user.

I would like to ask if it is possible to send/transfer a .csv file which has been created via my APK to my google drive? How can achieve this, what blocks must be used?

Thanking you in advance


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Thank you Peter

Thank you so much!

sorry for distarbing you, but I have still problem in transmitting the file. I have created a folder in my GD with the name ASPIDA. Form "Share" I have changed the "General access" to: "Anyone with the link" and "Editor". I have copied the link from there and paste it on the appinv Block "initialize to global URL_WEBAPPSCRIPT. I have made no other changes to the app code. The apk running on my tablet or my smartphone with Android 10 outputs on Label1 the expected: Filename:ai2logo.png
and mimetype: image/png but the file is not trnsmitted to the GD and a message is issud: "Something went wronge or the file cannot ...." Is there something else that I have to change in the code? What I'm doing wrong?

You do not appear to have created the google apps script web app required for the uploading of files to google drive.

I suggest you read again the guide:

And also review the following:

TIMAI2, Thank you! The problem has been solved!

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