.csv file recovery problem

I have a problem my application causes an error during initialization


CSV means Comma Separated Values.
A CSV table must have line feed (\n) separated lines, and
comma (,) separated items on each line.

Upload your .csv file here for further diagnosis if that doesn't help.

P.S. If you are loading your CSV file at initialization,
the data won't be available until the File1.GotData event fires.

here is the link

NAME,ID,nombre de Ligne,auteur,description,name Lien(si pas de lien metre "vide"),lien externe(si pas de lien metre "vide")
PCR VS LOUP,1U0k0pCdvZv4PkvqDGyR9BszZFVoiH3g3,264,Gabrielle C,petit chaperon rouge modifier,COOKYS CLIQUER,https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=appinventor.ai_yuhanpaire.cookys_clicker
histoir de test(pas PCR),1rEgaKaX7K2f18XKUwCZMnjm4wcsk80ED,1,yupa,test un poin c'est tout,vide,vide

Your text has embedded double quotes (") that break the CSV rules.
Replace them with ' before feeding them into csv table conversion.

Capture liste_histoire.csv (417 Bytes)

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thanks now it works

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