Csv editor for chromebooks?

Hey all,

I'm new to using CSV tables, and would like to edit one that has the colors for my theme. Is there any way to do that on a Chromebook without downloading an app?
Im on a school owned Chromebook, so things may be blocked.
And thanks to @ABG, @ChrisWard, and @SteveJG for help finding the csv table of colors. It really reduced the block size of my app!

You can edit your files with Google Sheets. I don't know if you are allowed to use your own Google account.

Or you could do the editing online.

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I see on my Chromebook that i can open txt files with a standard texteditor from my Chromebook. You could try what happens if you open a csv file. Else you could rename it to a txt file and try to open it.

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Thanks @Peter. They both work. Now I'll be able to finally finish this app. Yay!
And, yes I can use my personal gmail. I just have to do some tricks for it to work. :wink:

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Also @Peter, how do I make the file a .txt file after downloading the file as a .csv file from Google Sheets?
Do I just replace the .csv with .txt?
I mean in order to load it to ai-2, does it have to have the .txt?

Yes, you can change the extension. But maybe it isn't necessary for it to open in a texteditor.

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