CRUDQ II bad request error when add data

Hello everyone,

I'm using the CRUDQ II project as base to create a Google sheet and store some data
Sometimes I get this error

It happens randomly because the last time I used it I was able to enter 2 records and the other 2 gave me the error.

Could it be an internet connection error? If it is due to the connection is there any way to store the data and send them when your connection is ok?

Thank you all for your help

That is not a response from Google / Google Apps Script, so you are probably correct in that you have internet connection issues.

Yes, you can construct blocks to store the data on your app for later sending, you will need a network check method, and use the tinydb to save the data.

Can you give me a hint on which block I can use to handle the 400 error?

Is this the response content you get in the Web.GotText event?
What is the response code in this case?
What about providing some relevant blocks?


You could try something like this:

assumes that any data sent would be completed (or fail) inside 30 seconds

Hi Taifun,

I don't know exactly what block generates the error.
I can't post the blocks because the program is too long, I'll attach the .aia file but I had to deleted the id of the sheet
Diario_Apistico_NODati.aia (22.8 KB)

If I can give you any other information I will do my best to provide it

Thank you TIMAI2,

I'll try the code