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Hy, I want create a crossword puzzle ,but I a have a question..when I create a crossword puzzle I create a image with paint and then I take with image for each level ?I wrong?
I'm so sorry for my English I am Italian

Hello Valentina

If you use images for the crossword puzzle, how will the User enter the text characters?

I think you are going to need to use rows of TextBoxs (without an image).....

Edit: - or possibly define it as an HTML Table?

Or see here for similar Projects:

Thanks, I want create a game, a lot of levels,where the users game with a crossword or a puzzle with word ,if a create a table or a text box I create a infinite screen?one for each level?

I want create a game with the dictionary for find the word

Your puzzle consists of rows and columns of square boxes, So you only need one Screen and one 'base' empty puzzle, which you can fill programmatically.

For example I write the first level in the code when click the level arrive the letters and then the users games right?

I'm so sorry for a question I'm learning

Store the Levels as Lists or externally as CSV files.

Okkk thanks

Do you have a fixed list of crosswords? Or you generate the crosswords dynamicly? Just curious about how to.

You would store the rows of a crossword in a List (or CSV File) to make one crossword, and store the hints in the same List or a separate List. You can make several more in the same way and either call them into the App in sequence (maybe from easy to difficult) or randomly. So, predefined files or Lists, loaded on demand.

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A user asked me about creating a crossword app, I told him that one way could be with CSS.

crucigrama_css.htm.txt (112.5 KB)

borrar_crucigrama.aia (10.8 KB)

- Code proposal.
Create a word search.
Image from Wikipedia.

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