CropView extension by AtomDeveloper: Showing Argument #3

I need help I made a camera application in MIT app inventor in which I am trying to add crop functionality but it shows me error (argument #3) please tell me if anyone have solution I attach blocks also kindly check thankyou..

What's a CropView?

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It's an extension from which I can crop images .

When does the error occur (you do what in the app?)

Is that the full error message ?

I attached a screenshot this an error showing when I captured image.

Is there any other crop extension then please tell me..

And if anyone knows about another camera extension then please let me know.


The error message says very clear. one socket need a layout, but you give it an image. Check the CropView.create block.

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You do not need all that if - then - else if code. Instead:


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Hi Kevin - but what is a layout in this context? A crop mode? An orientation? A canvas?

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this layout should be a container, like horizontal/vertical arrangement


Hi kevin I changed layout from image to vertical arrangement 3 but when I captured picture it is not showing on the designer screen.

this is an extension, you need to check with the author.
Or give us the link of the extension.(Since you are not the author, do not upload the extension here directly)

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how can I give you the extension indirectly?

see this. Where did you get the extension from. Who is the author ?

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I got this extension from the youtube video description. I don't know who is the author.

You have a link to the youtube you followed ?

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yes I have link

the image socket need a full path like

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like this??

why not try by yourself and tell us the result?
Waht's the image from the afterPicture event?

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