Crete UI objects in blocks

Is there a way to create UI objects (ex text boxes) programmatically - in code / blocks? I don’t want to manually create an inordinate number of blocks, nor do I want the user to run out of blocks. I would like, as he uses the next to last, to have a new one appear. I have tried listview and haven’t found the action I desired and creating 30 boxes and hiding/unhiding is tedious. Plus, what if he needs 31?

I haven’t seen any hint about how to do that.


Have you tried the List Picker?

Have you tried just reusing labels and text boxes for different locations in lists?

Sample projects …

This might be of help to you

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Maybe a little more info will help someone help me. Too much info and we get lost in the details, not enough and we’re shooting blind so…

I have a Tilapia fish farm and I’m writing an app to aid feed calculations. etc. When I buy fingerlings, we dip some up, weigh them and count them to get an average size. Then we just dip, weigh and sum weights until we get the total desired. So if I get 3000 fish @ 30g each I’ll need 90kg (3000x.030g). I’ve got the first part. In the second part, I want a blank table of maybe 3 rows. The user touches a blank, types in the weight, and the app sums up all the entries (minus tare) and estimates how many fish I’ve transported. At 3kg per bucket, that’s 30 entries. In a proof of concept of 6 boxes I’ve got it working fine, but if someone buys 20,000 fish - that’s a lot of boxes.

So, I’d like to create new boxes as needed.

Otherwise, I make 20-30 in individual Horiz holders that I un-hide as needed and when full, wipe the slate and start over with previous total in first cell.

Did I clarify, or make it worse??

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Yes, this looks like it might be the ticket, thanks.


My Fruit Stand sample is the closest of my 3 samples to what you are doing.

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thanks, I’m studying it

Cool @Byron_A

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