Creating print to pdf in custom webview

How do I use custom webview to print a page to pdf. I have downloaded the extension but I am finding it difficult to implement the print block that will save print as pdf and download to my phone.
Thank you

You can just open the webpage in your device's native web browser, using the ActivityStarter component.

Which means it can't be possible using custom webview

Seems like the answer is negative (According to the community topic, it should be possible). Most web browsers should have an in-built print function.

I know about using activity starter but I want to use it in webview. Someone recommended I used custom webview which the function is there. How to combine the functions is my problem.

Nevermind, I didn't go through the documentation. I believe you're referring to the procedure below, if I'm not wrong?


You are write boss. This is exactly what I don't know how I am going to use