Creating Multiple Line Graph with Textbox Data

Hi! I'm using the ChartMakerPlus to create a graph-analyzing app. :grin:

Topic of my app:
Hypertension data recording

Briefing about my plan:

  1. Users can type the systolic and diastolic data in textboxes
  2. The data will saved once the "SAVE" button is clicked
  3. The recorded data will be analyzed in multiple line graph

The problem that I am facing:

  1. The lines are not present although data is saved
  2. Runtime error (refer to the picture below)

These are the PNGs of my blocks: :point_down:t3:

Hoping someone sends me a helping hand... Greatly thanks! :heart: :heart: :heart:

How many records are you intended to display on the chart ? Just the one ? If so you will only see two dots on the chart.

More than one :rofl:
My planning is the records can be saved once a day. And the label at x-axis will present based on the present day when data saved.

OK, here are the basics for just one day

You need to ensure that your textbox values are numbers

Thanks! It's worked! What should I do the next so more than one data can be saved?

Before that may I know what is the purpose of these blocks? Curios haha

You need to ensure that your textbox values are numbers

Noted. Already set "NumbersOnly" in properties~ :ok_hand:t3:

Thanks! Here's my first result, the points showed successfully!

But when I added the second result, an error was presented

What's the problem? Sorry for disturbing you!

It's okay, I've already solved it. Thanks a lot for your patience and guidance! :grin:

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