Creating mass texting app for Company


I am the new IT admin for a small buisness. My executives asked me to recreate the texting application we use, as the current one is having an issue. I know the previous one was created using MIT APP INVENTOR, so I figured this was a good place to start.

The app needs to be able to pull from a specific column in Google Sheet (The entire column of customized text messages to our employees), and then be able to send the data as an SMS or equivalent to a list of phone numbers (as individuals, not as a giant group), which can also be found on the Google Sheet.

I've looked up many tutorials, but have not been able to find one for my specific instance.

Please Help!

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So different employees would get different messages?


The Google sheet has a formula, where we type in the employee's name and other needed information. We then just type the message once (which has its own formula built in) at the top of the sheet and drag it down the entire row. This creates personalized messages for the individual employees and does not create a giant group chat.

The problem with the current app we are using, built by a former employee 2 years ago using app inventor, is that it is sending the SMS 2-3 times to the same user.

One approach:

Thank you!! I will look at this now and attempt it when I return to the office tomorrow!

Thank you for this!

So far I have been able to fetch the messages, however, when I go to send the messages I receive an error: [Error 908: SEND_SMS permission denied

Fixed this error, Now my boss is wanting this to be put onto an iPhone, which I am pretty sure is not possible. Any one know if it is?

Not yet possible with App Inventor.