Creating and Sending PDFs via whatsapp or email

Hi everyone,
In my app i have a feature where the user can make activities in a PDF format and send it via whatsapp or email.
I have managed to create the PDFs with this extension(Create PDF file Extension. Layout to PDF)
But I am not being able to send the PDF.
Is this possible?
Can anyone please help.
Thank you so much.

This is a great extension and I have used it in my app but I also want to send it via whatsapp or email.
Is this possible?
Can you someone please help.
Thank you so much

You can get the path of the file using the GetAsdPath block. You can send that file by mail with one of these methods: by @Taifun

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Hi @Juan_Antonio,
Thank you for your reply.
I have tried as you suggested but I couldnt figure it out. Can you please guide me.

I'm not sure what I have done wrong but an error "file not found" keeps coming up when I test the app.


With GetAsdPath you get in MIT COMPANION:

You must join the file name to get:

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