Creating an App to Record and Display Monthly Totals

Hello MIT App Inventor Community!

I am relatively new to app development and currently working on a project that involves recording the number of calls and meetings I have in a day. I've set up a system where I pick a date using a DatePicker, enter the number of calls and meetings, and save the information to TinyDB using the date as a tag.

However, I'm facing challenges when it comes to recalling the total number of calls or meetings for a given month. Specifically, I have the following questions:

Retrieving Data Based on Month and Year:

Is there a way to retrieve all the data in TinyDB based on the selected month and year? I would like to display monthly totals when I press the "Recall" button.
Calculating and Displaying Totals:

Once I retrieve the data for a specific month, how can I efficiently calculate and display the total number of calls and meetings for that month?
I would greatly appreciate any guidance, suggestions, or examples that can help me overcome these challenges. If you have experience with similar scenarios or can point me in the right direction, it would be incredibly helpful.

Thank you in advance for your assistance!

First get the tags, analyze which tags meet your filter criteria (month, year..) and then, recover the value for those tags.

Your tag design is costing you in sorting and selection complexity.

Tags should be functional, not pretty.

Try yyyyMMddHHmm format tags and yyyyMM TinyDB Namespaces for the individual meetings.

Length of list TinyDB tag list

Thanks Ramon, I am now creating a procedure to filter the tags into lists and then Loop Through Filtered Tags and Retrieve Values

Good point ABG, I will review how i make up a tag per day