Creating a Top-ten Score list from scores in another page

I need some help getting a start for this. What I'm trying to do is using tinyDB and when the Timer equals zero I'm having it save the score then it would go to another screen and go into a label. What I thought I could do is make a list and maybe a greater than math block for something like. If label 1 score is greater than label 2 score set label 1 text to label 2 text. Then I've have to do than ten times for each and everyone and it seems really complicated. The main thing I'm confused about is how to save the score each time and transfer it. Some starter code would be really helpful. The game I'm doing is a space invader inspired thing so just ignore most of the code.
![Screenshot (2)|690x388](upload://z19IYsWAGcM7DjSTTkCLkD


Add all your scores to a list, then sort the list.

Search this board for FAQ TinyDB to get the answer.