Creating a Swap app

I have a student who is trying to create a "school supply swap" app. Swapping out something you have for something you need. So far he has an introduction screen w/directions, a screen where the user chooses an item they need and then takes them to a screen where they choose something they have and don't need. He is wanting to set it up to where it would be for students in our school building only. Students would get a notification on their ipad when someone submits a request. Anyone have any ideas/suggestions on how he might design and then code it? I am at a loss because I have never created anything like that. And, this is for a final project in my class.

This old obsolete app would be a good model for how to build a sharing app, if you swap out Fusion Tables (dead) for Google Sheets.

Nice project.

Consider using a CloudDB based chat app as the main part of the app.

Make requests by chatting 'I have a nearly new soccer ball for trade'
Request an interest 'Will trade hardly used baseball glove for soccer equipment.

This acts as a simple bulletin board

Why? Simple; anyone who has app can participate (limit users to students), all students get notifications they missed as soon as the turn their app on (captures posts made when their ipad is closed).

Alternatively, use GoogleSheets or CloudDb as a data base to let users to a add to a list of wanted items or/and items for trade. Much more complicated but may be what the student wants to do. Set up with item/contact info as a List of Pairs.

Difficult. Use either a Firebase or CloudDB with a sign up/log in procedure or a CloudDB restricted app.