Creating a reader for ebooks (epub, mobi, pdf, etc.)

Is it possible to create a simple ebook reader using ai2? If so, can you suggest a general approach?

From the old AI Forum, here is a simple way to use either html files or a simple text file.

For other methods google search for 'app inventor make ebook ' There are some ideas there.

Thanks for the suggestions.

Got some test blocks working so that it reads html files from an sd folder. However, I want to read epub or mobi formated files. I was not able to find a relevant extension or examples. Any thoughts on handling these formats?

You evidently are a pathfinder Bob. Not much out there. :cry:

Here is an old AI Forum post regarding epub written in 2018 says not possible but provides some links that indicate someone could possibly write an App Inventor extension to do the heavy lifting.

A probable way to make a pdf book: How do I create a pdf book app?

Someone else might have other ideas. :slight_smile:

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