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I am creating an application where you can create an account and sign in (via Firebase) and another option to sign in with Google, using the TaifunGoogleAccount extension. I want to make it so that when they sign in either from the app or with Google, they are able to create their own profile page with stuff like Age, City, etc. as well as being able to upload their own profile picture. I also am hoping that other users can also see other's profiles via another screen, let's say it's the home screen where users are displayed. Is this possible, would I need another extension? Thanks.


First and foremost, draw a diagram that shows what you wish to achieve. Sounds like you want to put User Profiles on a website so that other Users can see them? Not really sure what you wish to do or how much is web-based, how much is App based.

A picture paints a thousand words.

Quick Wireframe with the idea I have in Mind, the edit button on 'Your Profile Page' is only for the profile picture, could add another one near the bottom to edit the text

Bit concerned for John Doe, he doesn't look very well :grin:

So what we are looking at is everything stored/displayed by the App, no website, but how do you intend to share other User's profiles?

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Probably all this data would be stored by TinyDB, and yes everything is in the app. I think I'll be able to manage a way through displaying users in the homescreen with their "panel".

how do you intend to share other User's profiles?

It can, the images can be encoded as Base64 (text) and decoded on demand. TinyDB will not hold a huge amount of profiles though, how many Users will there be?

Not sure, could also link it to Google Drive and/or also set it up with Firebase since it has cloud storage too

FireBase might be easier to handle with multiple Users. If you search the forum you will find numerous examples.

I think you are pretty well setup to start creating your App. If there is something you are unsure about, write a separate mini-App to test.

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Hi @AAA,
I had a similar problem, I used Firebase to store the user data, about the image I was not able to store the images on Firebase Storage, because it needs Oauth2 authentication (I hope I understood correctly) so i solved my problem by creating an extension that saves image on
FileStack extension
maybe it can be useful to you

Best Regards Marco

If you use Firebase Authentication correctly, you can store your profile pictures as a part of the user properties. You can easily use the web component to authenticate users.

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