Creating a new write NDEF message method within the standard NearField (NFC) component

As we know the NearField component is available to all under the Sensors design category. It offers a limited number of functions, such as text read and write, and has not changed in years.

I am interested in improving this component, in particular the TextToWrite method.

As it appears to be using the NDEF format, I propose the following enhancement:

This added method will allow the user to create multiple NDEF messages in a single payload, using a list. For now I simply want to offer text only to keep it simple. Thus with this component you should be able to send an NDEF text message in multiple languages, something that is not possible at the moment.

So with this enhancement you will be able to add in the missing NDEF options for language (e.g. 'en' for English, 'de' for German etc.) and for encoding (i.e. UTF-8 the default and UTF-16).

Now the catch.

I have not created and amended an extension or a component before. Although I am familiar with Java, Android Studio etc. I would still need some very basic guidance on how to get started as it appears there is quite a steep learning curve and I cannot allocate too much time on this.

As the NearField component is a standard component, I did not want to create a new extension. So what options here in terms of making changes.

If someone has been looking at a similar option, I love to know as I don't want to reinvent something that may be in the pipeline.

I look forward to feedback.



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