Creating a list with an element containing a space

Hi all,
I want to create a list with an element containing a space.

  1. bgK gives a list of 6 elements instead of 5! Why?
  2. bgL gives first element empty instead of space. Why?
    I got it fixed, after I found the error. But I want to know why this happens. It does not make sense to me.

This is a known issue:

If we want to split a string by character, then we need to be aware of the empty string at the front, and handle it in the list.

ok, And what about the " " item which comes at “” in the list?

Not sure what you mean?


Hi, thanks for the help:
splitting a text gives an empty field at the beginning. A text like like " ",“1”,… (in my exemple bgL) gives as first item also an empty field: “”.
So I only use it once by start and so I changed the first item in the list from “” to " " And thats it.
See here the init block