Creating a list of many labels (200+)

Hi there,
I'm a total beginner and stuck with the problem of creating a list - I have 200+ labels and want them to be in one list to change their settings - or only the settings of say label 1-80 so is there a possibility?

You need to create the list of labels manually as you done in the first method and in the second method you are just adding names to the list not the actual component or label objects.

What's your requirement for doing this?

I think you should create the labels dynamically.

why so many labels needed? Maybe you need use Listview or dynamic component

Thanks for your comments.
I'm trying to make a table that shows points and the corresponding grade - eg you type in 25 (points) and you get 25 points - grade 1,0; 24,5 is 1,2 etc to 0 points -> 6,0.

My first attempt was to make a list and let it show by listview, second try was with the table-tool from taifun. In both cases I was not very lucky with the size of the table (it should be shown completely without scrolling.
That's why i used the table arrangement with ~200 labels in the cells.

So there is no way to add labels than manually? Good to know :slight_smile:

Have you checked @Taifun dynamic table tutorial? (No need of that much labels, if so always prefer for dynamic )

You don't have to make a display component for each row of data, just like you don't have to buy a TV for every show you might watch.

Thanks for the input, I really appreciate that.