Creating a app on iPhone

hi I'm looking to create a app that I can have 5 or 6 or more arduino sketches stored on the app on my phone so I can pick a button that will send that sketch to my esp32 over bluetooth or internet which ever is easiest, the sketch is a simple blink sketch. Is this possible if so can anyone help or point me in the right direction. any assistance would be great as I have never done anything like this so keep it very simple for me.

Welcome David.

Sorry David, what you hope to do is probably not going to work with ios and bluetooth for awhile. It is possible with Android now.

Be aware App Inventor can not yet create an ios executable; at present the ios Companion is the only way to work with ios.

See which shows bluetooth connections are not yet possible even using the ios Companion.

A search on the community for arduino wifi turned up these results

Regarding UNO Wifi see App Inventor Extensions: WiFi | Pura Vida Apps

Good luck.

If you can generalize your blink sketch into some form of sheet music reader for blinkers,
you can try to send just the sheet music and let your sketch read it.

Think of how to encode the blinking pattern into a Comma Separated Values (CSV) table,
and see if you can develop code to send the CSV table, maybe one row at a time.

thank you for letting me know, saved me hours of hunting for answers that are just not there.

hi sorry I think I may have worded this question wrong so here goes. what I want to do is have a app on my phone with 3 or 4 or possibly more buttons so when I press button 1 the led flashes every 20 seconds if I press button 2 the led flashes every 35 seconds ad so on, I worded it that it would send the arduino sketch to the esp32 changing the sketch but I'm thinking that it would not be that way and more along the lines that all the sketches were already uploaded to the esp32 and by pressing the button the led would flash accordingly or is it possible if say I decided I wanted the led to flash every 12 seconds I could send the sketch from my phone to add it to the esp32.
not sure if this makes any sense but hopefully someone will understand what I'm trying to do and point me in the right direction.
thank you for any help its very appreciated

Assuming all the sketches variations on one another, you could probably just bake all of the functionality into a single sketch and have a characteristic that controls what's happening (e.g., LED blink frequency). Your app could then just write that field to change the behavior, which will be a few bytes, without having to reflash the device every time you want to change the behavior. However, we haven't yet implemented the BLE component as part of iOS, so this currently wouldn't be possible on iPhone.