Created App crashes at launch in mobile phone

I have created a simple relay on/off app using google firebase. When I installed it successfully gets installed in mobile phone but when I launch it crashes & closes immediately without any error.
I have a similar app using firebase with 4 relays on/off developed by another person. When I use his .aia file to download .apk from the app inventor site, it does not crash in the phone after launch but when I just change firebaseDB token & URL in his .aia file and then install in the phone, then it crashes immediately without any error.
What could be the possible remedy for this problem?


Is firebase's location set to us-central ? Try to create another project in firebase and set location to us-central1


Also, you are reminded with the following warning when you add a FirebaseDB component:

FirebaseDB is an experimental feature which may change in the future or break. Packaged Apps built with this component may not function into the indefinite future.

Thank you very much @dora_paz ! I had chosen Singapore server in previous try. Now I have changed server location to US-central & my app is not crashing anymore.
Thanks again.


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