Create Video player for fixed video

I want to create one video player for 4 personal fixed videos Without any kind of internet. Video quality- High (Video Size 2GB). If I send the application to someone then he will get the videos along with the application. How Can I do this?

There is a video wall tutorial

Each of your videos would need to be below 5mb in size.

If I use internet then its possible?

Possible but not very practical, especially if the user is on a data connection

Will it create any loading problems?

Why not try it yourself and find out, if the video will stream then not so bad, but if the entire 2GB video has to be downloaded first...

This is my simple project for my specific personal video.
My first video is playing with 1 click on the 1st button. It's ok. But I want alternative method. I want to download this video first then I want to play this video offline. What should I do for this?