Create sharing groups

In this i explain what's my idea of sharing

This is my app code

Thanks for your support

What is WDE? Or I cant understand the writing... :face_with_monocle:

:thinking:Where is "wde" ? I can't find it​:scream:

I'd like to create a logIN to obtain many different groups that can use separately the app

In a place Every users that log with code "banana" see the same counting/result

In another place every users that log into the app with code "tomatoe" share between them the same result.

In this way many groups could control accesses in different places at the same time

WDE is CODE, the C and O are just touching



Haven't we already done most of this in this topic:

Create an app sharing to counting accesses

In that topic we created the app
In this topic i reqiest how to close the app between 2 or more groups ph users

nothing ways to "close" the accesses for this app?
if we have 30 volunteers, divide them in three groups A/B/C.
Group A works on the app to count accesses on area 1 without alter the GroupB/C-Count
Group B works on the app to count accesses on area 2 without alter the GroupA/C-count
Group C works on the app to count accesses on area 3 without alter the GroupA/B-count