Create (Runtime, dynamic) marker for a data set

To whom this may concern

I am trying to make marker for firebase datasets. I do this by calling the tags and using the data sets with geolocation, title, adress, number, postal code and city. However the number of markers may change over time and therefor i want new datasets in the firebase to create a new marker.
I have tried this way but it has not been possible to make it work. The message from app inventor is that the component name cannot be "100".

Is it possible to make markers dynamically? I have seen a block without the component name in the chat, but i have not found this one.


The component this Block is looking for is a Map component. In this case is Map1. Do you have multiple instances of the Map component in your app?

You probably should be using a List of coordinates and doing something like this:

If i want to change the color of a specific marker afterwards i cannot adress the markers normally as these markers are not called marker1, marker2, ect. How do i adress the markers inserted with this function?

Like i have created a marker with this lat,lon now i want it to change for red.

Perhaps this code will give you an idea about what you want to do Jesper.

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