Create problem with the app

I now have the app to the point that I would like to use it now.
But I have the problem that shortly after opening them on my phone, they close again directly.

When exactly does the app close?

If you do nothing (no signup or login), after signup/login, button press ?

Are you using your own firebase project or the MIT DEFAULT?

The app closes immediately after I launch it. I don't even see the login.

I watched a youtube video where the implication of firebase was shown whether it is the defult of Mit or not I don't know.

If you wish post your aia so we can check it

My guess is if you do not know, you are using the MIT DEFAULT firebase. Do your Firebase properties look like this?


Are there any other blocks or screens you are not showing us ?

Coin_Presse_copy_copy.aia (121.0 KB)
That would help me a lot thank you


I do not if it is a glitch or something else .Yours database's location is europe-west1 and that causes the problem else if Database's location is United States (us-central1) or using MIT's default works fine .Try to create a new firebase database in us-central1

For testing purposes try the following aia or apk, uses default MIT's Firebase
Coin_Presse_copy_copy.aia (121.0 KB)
APK deleted

That's what it did. Now it works. Thank you very much!
Is there a way to have a button forward a value to a webiste?

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Hello Benjamin

Please open a new Topic for this question and please give details about what you are trying to do.