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I have final project that I just need only one List Viewer instead of two in order to view only these items:


and when I select any item it gives values corresponding:

English d1.csv
Math d4.csv
Chemistry d7.csv

Please help me in order to finish my last project.
Thank you.

Final_project.aia (5.4 KB)

You should be able to work this out yourself with the blocks i have already provided.

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Hi Tim,
Thank you so much for providing me these blocks and I will try to do some work as possible as I can.

Hello Mr.Tim,
I try my self but there is something going wrong I have done so I don’t know where is the mistake .

You do not appear to have made any changes to the blocks I provided, so this will not work!

The first part should be the same to show your the subjects in the listview (English, Maths, Chemistry)

The second part, after selecting, you need to display index 4, " ", index 2 from the selection.

Hello Tim,
Can you please give me a small example or some blocks and I will try to sort them because I am stock in some how.
Thank you so much for help.

Sorry, ignore my last advice, i was thinking along a different track!

Make the products lists as before
Make the first sub list from index 3 (levels), index 4 (subjects) and index 2 (csvs)
Make the listview elements lists from the sublist index 1’s
Use the selection index from the first listview to select the correct item and the two indexes 2 and 3

Hi Tim,
I have done what you told me but I tried to do what I understood and I stock again because it a very difficult issue.

Please Mr.Tim give me some hints to try again.

Just to be clear, now you want a listview with the subjects, and when a subject is selected, it will return only the first level/csv for that subject ?

Yes I want a list view with the subjects, and when a subject is selected, it will return only the csv directly without select level from list view

Therefore, if you have a list of subjects, and you pick Chemistry, then from your list you will only get:

Chemistry d7.csv

displayed in the labels. Is that the output and the only choice you want ?

No, not only get d7.csv

I need also the code number of that subject which is in the first column.
I prefer to be two excel files one for subjects (chemistry, math,English…) and put them in one variable and the other one is for four column :
code #, Teacher name , Subject

The idea that I need to put them in two separate excel sheets, because some rows in column subject is blank and if there is any blank there will be error in output.

Hmmm, your requirements have now changed at least 4 times since this topic, and the previous topic started. You need a clear plan on paper of what you want to achieve, in order that you can convert this to an app. I, and Ken, have provided you with block methods for manipulating your list/lists. From these examples, you should be able to develop this simple app. Good luck.

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Hi Tim,
I am sorry for inconvenience.

Please give me the last chance. I promise you that I will not change any thing.

I need only two things:

1- List view to show subjects:


2- Output :

Code # Level Subject

In excel sheet it show exactly:

Code #, Level, Subject

1, d1.csv, English
2, d2.csv,
3, d4.csv, Chemistry

I tend to let second row empty because I don’t want to show in List View but only in excel sheet.

I appreciate of your hard work to complete this issue and I promise you that will pay donation for this good forum.

Thank you Tim and Kin.


I need help please.

I have two excel sheets.One of them has list of main subjects :


and the second one has:
code # , Level , Subject
So both of excel sheets have same subjects.

If I select subject Chemistry, it will give me value from the second excel sheet:

Code #, subject

I just need to know of how to remove the second list picker because I don’t want to select the two items code #, Subject.

Edit_project.aia (4.6 KB)

Thank you so much Tim for helping me and solve the problem I have.

Good luck
You are really a very very helpful man I have ever seen :heart_eyes:

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