Create GDPR messages for applications Mit App inventor

Good Day
I have a benner ad app on admob,

I got this message:
Create GDPR messages for applications

I have made many attempts but unfortunately without success
Please help me solve this problem

This is not a bug of App Inventor. You used an external extension.

What extension did you use? Show your blocks, and what you "tried".

Good day

the App works very well but I received a message from Admob to regularize my app by adding
Be sure to add the Google User Messaging Platform SDK to your application to allow it to obtain user consent.
This problem only applies to countries subject to the GDPR (EEA and UK)
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You've to setup consent blocks like this ↓

If these blocks are not available in your aix, you can purchase this latest and updated aix ↓

Jewel, you never know what AdMob extension they are using. Maybe they are using a different AdMob extension than yours.


Consent blocks are looking similarly same for all available Admob extensions. So he can learn by following my blocks. I've just showed that, how it's works.
Also I've mentioned that, if consent blocks is not available in his aix, so he may purchase my aix too.

Thank you for your answer
Please confirm
1- this extension is valid for Mit App inventor.
2- this extension solve the Admob message problem

Answer: yes

Answer: yes

Good day All,

I confirm the problem is solved
Bravo MrJowel

5 stars


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how to buy this??

I've sent you my WhatsApp/Telegram number, please reply me there ←