Create free and group chats

Hello, I want my app to have an additional feature that allows users to comment on my app and have their comments displayed on a single page, such as sending a group message in Telegram. I want everyone to be able to read each other's messages.Like telegram groups where everyone can send messages

Also, the user can send messages without email or number

You might create a chat app.

Use a CloudDB or a FirebaseDB for real time chats.

Here is a very simple example:

A similar app can be made using a FirebaseDB and nearly identical components.

Thank you very much, I just want to know how many users are online

Why not create a Telegram, Facebook, WeChat Group for your App? You would likely get more responses from your Users who already use existing Social Media. If your App becomes really big, that's the time for it to have it's own chat platform.

You can try it with this code:

Sorry, I do not know how to code

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