Create Database on own web server accessible to App Inventor app

Im a novice AppInventor.
I have an APPInventor app that I am planning to offer free and deploy over Google store.
If a user downloads and utilises it, for statistical purposes I want the user to be able to send,
with the user's permission, a CSV string of anonymous, non-personal information gathered
by the app to be stored in my own account that I have signed up to with a Web host.

I am ignorant of how to set up a custom web datbase service on my host servers that can be reached
from an Appinventor app..
I have noted how a TinyWebDB service can be set up using detailed instructions that reference
using the Python/GoogleApp engine route, but it is not clear, to me at least, how this and the supplied
code at
might be modified and utilised to set up a connection to my own web host's server storage.
I'd appreciate any advice as to how this might be accomplished.
Thanks in advance.

A community search would probably have returned this topic:

Also consider using

  • Google Sheets
  • Firebase
  • CloudDB

all of which let you set up your own online data stores.