Create calendar with comparison between days or weeks

Hello, nice to meet you, I am a novice programmer. Some time ago as a school project I made an ecological calculator as a mobile application, which was obviously an alpha version, now for a better presentation I would like to create a more complete app.

I would like to make it have an interface similar to the applications of exercise routines to lose weight, let me explain, I want to create an interface in which you can see your progress on a weekly basis.

My calculator sends a message in which it says if your ecological footprint is sustainable, abnormal or disastrous when answering a questionnaire, in this questionnaire points are added the more harmful your consumption is and in the end it yields the result. I want the result to be saved so that the following week it will be shown if you improved or worsened in your consumption. I hope you can help me understand how to do this, please.

Store your points in TinyDB values, using the yyyyMMDD date as the tag.
See the Clock component in the Sensor drawers for blocks that can do date interval math.

P.S. Here is a sample project using some date math ...

Thank you very much, I will read it and hope I can absorb enough information. I hope there are more people helping me with questions about this project.