Create Apps! button is ill

The orange button, top left of my screen does not work. [Create Apps!]
Is this a temp thing... or does it not like me any longer?
Windows 7 Chrome, and Chromebook
Right now I have to sift through lots of pages and sometime find a link that goes to the sign in page. Not catastrophic, but mildly annoying...


Post a link to the screen in question?

Right now I go to [Resources]-[Get Started]-[cloud based tool] and that takes me to the sign in page.

post a link... sorry... hang on...

Orange button working OK here...

Like I said, annoying, but it is what it is. Probably a glitch in the system here somewhere. I know I have a terrible internet connection, old machines... who knows. Big reboots coming, all internet reliant devices.

Thanks though

Suggest you ignore the button and try the direct link Charley

When you do that, what happens? :slight_smile:


Ha! Straight to sign in. Thank you Steve!!

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