Create an App to play videos from google drive, wenn i click a Botoum

Hello i am an absolute beginner. I want to creat a Training app for Emergency medicine
Text and Pictures are no Problem.
But i need to use many Training videos from Google drive so the user can watch them as Tutorials
to a specific topic.

I would download the video first before trying to play it, Google Drive is fussy about streaming video. Also you may have issues if your videos are over a certain size, because google drive will throw up a popup (which you will not see if using the web component) and prevent the download. Best if you can keep videos under 5mb?

So a video with a maximum of 1-2 minutes in VGA resolution (640×480) with the lowest possible bit rate. I'm afraid you can't expect anyone to watch videos like that these days. :wink:

Alternatively, upload all your videos to youtube and stream them from there. (This is what youtube is for :wink: )