Create an app that can text people

Good Morning,

I am trying to build an app for my students using the MIT App Inventor.

I want to be able to send prewritten text message/email/social media DM to my students who sign up.

Unfortunately, I can’t find tutorials that fit this app design and I have zero background in app design and coding.

Could you help me or point me in the direction of someone who can?

  • Michael Houk

Hello and welcome Michael.

Here is an old App Inventor 2 tutorial that shows how

Broadcast Hub

You will need to update the code to compensate for changes Google made in the past year that are discussed in Texting

I am looking to see if I have an updated version. I might. :slight_smile:

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Tell me what you need ?

Thank you SteveJG!

I need an example on how to make an app that can send text messages to people.