Create an app for build blocks and generate aia file

hi, i am trying to build an app for build offline inside cellphone building with blocks and this app can generate aia file. this is for programming offline and optimize the help in the comunnity. how guide can follow for make that. thanks for help.

It's not really clear to me what you are asking. Can you elaborate more on what you're trying to accomplish (and how it relates to the open source group)?

my app is working like that. using the images block that exist in app inventor but with this benefits.

1.- you can generate your aia file with this app and build in this app using the blockly logic and same blocks images like mit app server or ai2offline for build your app. so you generate and upload to the comunity your aia file for make more easy build apps and ask to the comunnity for not use much time going to enter to the page mit server or using a pc.

2.- in next updates buid a basic chat time in real time for ask problems about logic explain what is the problem.