Create accounts with information stored in web server

Our school has a Google suite account. Can we host a tiny db there? We are trying to make a little game with user accounts and storage.

Probably easier to use google sheets for data storage if you have G Suite and want to remain inside the domain. Or you could consider Firebase Database/Storage as a solution.

Great and we can add points to the sheet? Is there a link to tutorial?


Can you provide an indication of the data you want to store and how it will be stored/retrieved (e.g. one device, many devices, on DataChanged etc.?

About a dozen students will have their own account with the username. Once they scan at school , location sensor, before certain time to show they are on time we want someway for the app to award them points that will be stored in summed up in a live way. So multiple devices.

What data is fed back to the student's device when they "scan" ? (What do they scan ?)

They will click a button called "I’m here. " That will run a test with GPS location that they are within certain longitude and latitude. If the test is true and they are within those parameters within a certain time, it will send them to the next screen showing the points that they have accrued for showing up on time. We are looking for a way to have a database collect this information and feedback to them their current point value.

Tim, any updates on this. students will have a username and the location sensor will check that they are in school. How can we allocate and store points for their arrival?

Have you tested that GPS works reliably at the designated points ? If inside buildings, GPS rarely works. What if their device cannot get a signal? Have you considered alternatives - e.g. QR Code points?

Yes, they work more slowly but work. We thought QR can be copied and then used at other locations.

What is the latest documentation on setting up our own server for TinyWebdb?

See FAQ Section: TinyWebDB