Create a PDF of vertical layout component not just that is visible on screen

Hi all,

I have created a table of 15 columns with table viewer extension created by @Kevinkun on a vertical arrangement. When I tried to create a PDF of that vertical arrangement using Create PDF extension by @TIMAI2, only that part visible on screen is generated as PDF. Please help me with this. Thankyou in advance.

Not my extension, it is by @Juan_Antonio.

You can make settings to fit the entire arrangement onto a single page. You do not say how many rows. If many, and you need multiple pages, you may want to use a dynamic components extension to generate additional arrangements.

Thankyou very much for your response @TIMAI2 and sorry for the wrong mention @Juan_Antonio. I want to create a PDF of 5 rows and 20 columns. I tried with horizontalScroll Arrangement and used height and width as you mentioned. But that dint work for me.

Screenshot 2024-02-10 122530

The method you mentioned works perfectly fine with vertical scroll arrangement but it is not working with horizontal scroll arrangement.

I will need to take a look at what settings there are available.

Did you try by holding your device in landscape mode (hacky workaround I know))

I even tried that. But what was visible on the screen in landscape mode is only created as PDF. Thanks.

Try this, working for me

testPDFLayout.aia (38.1 KB)

Thankyou very much @TIMAI2. Working for me as well.