Create a chat room

I created a chat app based on (here).
But there is a problem and I do not see any message when I run it on the phone.

What is the problem?

I don't see any blocks for checking for incoming chat messages from other phones.

Investigate the CloudDB event blocks that notify you when values have changed, and the possibility of using a Clock Timer to poll the chat room.

P.S. It makes it easier to debug blocks if you go back into the Designer and rename Text Boxes and Buttons to identify their contents and function, like

  • txbUserName
  • txbMessage
  • btnJoinChat

The names propagate to the Blocks Editor automatically, and make the blocks more understandable.

Can you give a picture of what you are saying? :فكر كردن:

Export your .aia file and upload it here.

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tredpluse_Screen_checkpoint2.aia (3.6 KB)

This is hilarious.

I asked for renamed components to make their meaning understandable, and I got them in a language I don't understand. It's a shame AI2 can't translate Designer component names and .Text values too.

Any way, here's how to do a rename, and its effect, in case some one who can read your language comes by and wants to help ...

And here are the 2 blocks I mentioned ...
component_event (1) component_event

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I know.
Because I am a beginner, I experimented with this project, otherwise I do not know how to create rooms.

If possible, help me create a simple chat program with different chat rooms.

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Try this aia project (you will need to add your CloudDB Token)

simpleCloudDBChat.aia (4.0 KB)


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